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What Is A Durag?

A durag is a stretchable cloth cap that is wrapped around the head to secure and retain a hairstyle. The long ends of the cloth are tied at the back. Today, durags are highly popular among rappers and are also used as helmet liners by bikers or while playing sports.

Durags are available in different materials like cotton, velvet, mesh, silk, polyester, etc. Durags are popularly referred to as wave caps or silky caps.

They have been in existence for more than 50 years now and their uses and patterns have only evolved for the better. Back in the day, a durag, a type of headscarf, was used mandatorily by black men to train their hair patterns for curling or to even lock their hairstyles while sleeping.

Earlier it was used as a hair care item but as time passed, it became a fashion statement for most of the men and boys who wore it on their heads throughout the country.

Everyone wants the perfect waves, and durags give you exactly that. If your aim is to achieve the 360 wave look, you should definitely opt for a durag. It is difficult to retain curls/ waves for a long time, which forces people to try heating and other chemical-based products.

This ultimately damages the hair. Durags on the other hand are not only fashionable and used as a statement piece but also provide many surprising benefits.

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Types of Durags

Velvet Durags

Velvet gives a royal look to any outfit or accessory. The case is no different for a durag. A velvet durag instantly gives you a rich and luxurious look. Velvet as a material is very soft, delicate, and has great elasticity that can be stretched around the head comfortably.

They complete your entire look without putting in much effort. The texture of the cloth is such that it can be paired with any outfit and still look ravishing. The color does not fade away easily, which is another enticing feature that velvet durags offer.

Silk Durags

This type of durag is recommended for people with sensitive scalps because silk is made naturally and has hypoallergenic properties. Other benefits of this type of durag are that it reduces hair breakage, thinning, and receding hairline.

If you are a person who is already suffering from hair loss but want to wear a durag, it is recommended that you wear a silk durag to prevent this problem from aggravating.

Silk is breathable and keeps the scalp free from sweat to a large extent. This fabric can be used in bold, cold, and warm weather conditions due to the nature of the fabric that keeps cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather conditions.

The only drawback is that silk is expensive and so are the durags made from it.

Satin Durags

This is another best option after silk durags. They give a tight fit on the head without any discomfort.

At the same time, they are lighter in weight as compared to silk durags.

They are available in various colors and are very comfortable on the head. The price range of these durags is slightly on the higher-end.

Benefits of Durags

Let us now hop on to the benefits of wearing a durag. Apart from being used as a fashionable hair accessory, a durag has several other benefits which are listed below:

1) Maintain Perfect Waves

The perfect waves are not easy to achieve. Yet, they are so trending that almost everyone wants to have waves. However, if you put in a little effort and do it correctly, they definitely make you stand out.

It is an entire process of first straightening your hair and then setting it in a curly and wavy pattern. There are mainly two ways of getting those waves, which are, either heating and curling products or using durags. While heating and curling products do help you get wavy hair, the amount of chemicals they have is startling.

The constant application of heat will damage your hair in the long run. Durags, on the other hand, do not harm your hair. They simply help it remain flat on the scalp and secure them in a single place for several hours. This induces the growth of your hair in the desired direction.

2) Straighten Coarse Hair

If I were to straighten my hair every time I step out of the house, I’d rather stay indoors. It is a tedious task to even think about it, let alone do it.

Constantly perming your hair will only damage it by weakening and drying your roots. This also kills the keratin proteins of your hair due to which hair becomes frizzy over time.

A durag keeps all the hair in one place and in a single position which avoids detangling. This prevents hair breakage as well.

3) Comfortable During Workouts

Your hair can get very messy while you’re exercising. A durag helps keep your hair in place even during workouts. The best thing is that durags have moisture-soaking properties, which keep the scalp dry at all times. For extra protection, you can use a sweatband to keep your hair in place and avoid any sweating.

4) Prevents Breakage and Frizz

When we sleep, our scalp doesn’t produce enough natural oils to keep itself hydrated and fresh. Moreover, our cotton pillow covers add to this problem by soaking all the oil. This leads to increased hair breakage. Wearing a silk durag will be helpful in such cases as the moisture stays intact in the scalp while also reducing friction.

5) You Can Go Out Any Time

Since your hair will be secure and perfectly wavy, you can step out at any time without having to worry about your look. Your hair will look fresh and have gorgeous waves, and using a durag will save you a lot of time, too.

6) Your Hair Will Be More Hygienic

Cleanliness is the key to healthy hair. Wearing a durag will minimize your hair’s contact with dust, pollution, and dirt, which make your hair look greasy and damage them. This reduces problems like hairfall and dandruff, too, allowing you to be as adventurous as you want without thinking about your hair.

7) Durags Save You Money

A durag is used as a fashion statement today but it is very affordable and functional at the same time. You can go cycling, running, working out, etc. but your hair will stay in position.

A durag is the solution for all your scalp problems. It gives you protection and style, all at once. The quality of the fabric is good, too, which makes them long-lasting.

8) Protection From The Elements

Different weather conditions have different effects on your scalp. When the sun is out, the emission of UV rays is high, which damages the scalp.

A durag will help protect your scalp from such rays and will ultimately boost the health of your hair. We recommend you wear lighter shades of a durag during the summer.

In winters, durags help keep the body warm. Our skin becomes dehydrated in winters and a durag helps to retain that moisture in the scalp.

9) Durags Are Great As Helmet Liners

Wearing helmets can cause a lot of hair breakage. It leads to the growth of bacteria and fungal infections by accumulation of sweat. Helmets are heavy and wearing them for long hours can create pressure on the head, which damages the root of the hair.

Wearing durag as liners will protect the roots from this pressure. This will also lead to less sweat, prevention of bad odor, and generation of bad oils in the scalp. Find us on the web today for more durag tips and hair care ideas.