Order Custom Durags

Add your own logo to our variety of durag colors to make your custom durag uniquely you! Great for both men and women, each unique durag is on sale for just $49.99!

custom durags

Why Custom Durags?

If you’re tired of seeing everyone you know cycling through the same durags and want to feel unique, our custom durags are for you. You’ll look great at thee gym, BBQ or house party and get plenty of compliments on your fresh new durags.

We can even place designer logos on your durag so be sure to ask once you order, we may have the design files ready to go already.

Simply tap the button above, place your order, and reach out to us with the exact color and logo files you want to place on your custom durags and voila! A dope custom durag will be shipped right to your doorstep in 10-20 days.

Examples of Our Custom Durags

anime custom durags
custom durag in use
custom durags on table
custom durags mock up